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Eddie, what about hotams and leak jets???

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Eddie, could hard starting also be due to a too rich leak jet?

I have put some stage 2 hotcams in my yz. It is way harder to start and when I wack the throttle I get a small blue puff telling me it is rich.

The stock was 80 leak and I went to 40 and it ran great with the stock cams, but not so good with the hotcams.

Air screw is about 2 turns out.

Now when I start it cold, I have to start it with the choke off and hot start not pulled.

That is the only way it will start cold right now.\

It starts about 4 kicks hot and hot start pulled.

It used to start 1st kick before the hotcams mod.

I know that Im running rich for sure but is it the pilot or the leak I wonder.

I have an 07 bike with aluminum frame which is the harder to get to the carb, so the less I have to go in there the better.

I do have a (60 leak) and a smaller pilot jet. Should I just change them both while I'm in there?

I'm also runnning a full 4.1 and powerbomb pipe.

The throttle responce is great with the o-ring mod as well.

Thanks for any help.

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leak jet gas no effect on starting.

what pilot jet are you running now?idle reacts to the fuel screw properly?

Idle is up and down kinda irratic.

Pilot jet right now is 1 size bigger than stock which I forget the #.

I just changed the leak from 40 to 60 and it started 1st kick, no choke.

When I blip it there seems to be even more blue smoke and even a backfire now.

Gonna put the 40 leak back in and put the stock pilot back in and give another shot.


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