Anyone ever had a dr650 kick stand relay go bad ?

Not sure how to test, but it does click when lifting the kick stand up and down. Still trying to get to the bottom of the neutral light remaining on? All the best, NHDUELSPORTER::

Have you checked the neutral switch and associated wiring? Should be able to test the switch functionality by measuring continuity across the switch leads with the bike in gear and in neutral. Continuity should change between neutral and in gear.

The screws holding the neutral switch have been reported to fall out on rare occasion. I would guess that the switch stops working when the screw(s) fall out.

You can check the kick stand switch the same way. Measure continuity across the two wires coming from the switch with the kickstand up and then down. You should see a difference if the switch is working. I can't see how the kick stand switch would affect the neutral light regardless of whether it is working or not.

Time ago when riding on higway my DR650, I fell something like an electrical-cut, just for a few seconds. First I think it,s was maybe water or dust in the carb; I cleaned but still fell the "cuts". After this I bypass the stand switch and y never have no more problem but everytime I look to the neutral ligth before start the engine.

Take that thing off, and connect the two wires under the sidepanel together, no more problems.

Take that thing off, and connect the two wires under the sidepanel together, no more problems.

you mean follow the wires up from the kickstand switch under the side panel and connect them?

should i remove the whole kickstand switch also?

Yes, unplug and remove the switch completely. Deposit in the nearest waste bin. Then cut the two wires on the harness plug and connect them. Easy.

this has no affect on the neutral switch problem however. when they come loose in there do they stay on or off forever?

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