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Crank vent tube procedure on KLX 250???

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Can someone explain in "clear detail" the process of changing the size of the crank vent tube on a KLX 250??

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I just did it yesterday on my klx300. I dont think it is very different if at all. I have a klx250s also and will be doingn it sometime soon.

I bought the kit from FourStrokeWorks because I was too lazy to go figure out which filter would work on the end. I should have just done it my self.

Aside from the filter, evrything else totals up to about 3 bucks in parts.

The filter I got from FSW was a nice UNI one though.

My bike is a 2006 KLX300

Basically, I did the following.

1. find the hose coming out of the crankcase and remove it. There is a clip on mine that holds a couple of wires and small hoses (overflow/drain etc). Go ahead and get that out of your way and tuck the wires etc out o fthe way.

The top of the hose where it goes into the airbox is joined with a internal hose coupler thing on mine. Pull it out and remove the two clamps too.

2. Now theres a hole in your airbox, and a hole in your engine with about a 1 inch tube sticking up. you're going to need to plug the hole in your airbox. FSW sent me a perfectly sized metal plug, but I'm sure there are a thousand cheap and effective ways to do it.

3. FSW sent me 1/2 inch heater hose. It was a little smaller in diameter than the stock one. I doubt it matters, because it's like Eisenhower tunnel compared to the little restrictor hole in the stock one. The problem was getting it down over the engine protrusion. I tried to do it from the side, but I finally gave up and took the tank and carb off to put some elbow grease to it from above.

This helped a lot, but I never did get it all the way seated against the engine. I got it down to where it was secure, then put a clamp around it nice and tight.

4. Once the lower end is secured, run the hose up past the left rear of the carb, past the shock/gas/tank/thing where you adjust your rear suspension, along the frame and over the top into your airbox. The filter just kind of sits there behind the Air filter.

5. I zip tied it once to the frame in front/left of the airbox, and it stays perfectly out of the way.

6. I'm running without airbox lid, which made a big difference. If you have one on you'll have to probably cut it or find somewhere else to position the filter. I say get rid of the green needle and put the AB lid on a shelf somewhere.

7. When all that is done, go back in the house and use JB Weld and washers to fix all your plastic you ripped off your bike last week in Walsenburg.... Oh wait...

You can probably skip this step:thumbsup:

Reassemble bike and ride.

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