engine and transmission oil

i've heard alot of you say that the manual is wrong on how much oil and tranny oil to put in it so how much to yall put in it?

i do what the manual says

never had an problems

I go by the dipstick on the engine side, and use that hole on the trans side.

825-850ccs for the tranmssion. The manual states less than 700ccs, which is way too low, 700 is too low.

The engine you use about 660ccs without a filter, and 690ccs with a filter. Thats what I pour in. But after you have both sides filled up, start the bike, let it warm up. This way the oil can circulate around the motor. Check the oil level after and it will be low. Fill to just below the full mark on the dip stick. You check the oil without screwing down the dipstick.

Not trying to hijack this thread but should you always allow the gearbox oil to run out of the level until it stops? I mean every time I change it and check it the oil pours out of the level... Just worried I don't have enough oil in my gearbox???

Dont even use the oil check hole, it is too low!! Just pour in 825cc and your done.

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