Jet sizs - are all the same?

Hi there.Are all main jet sizes standard across the range?

What i mean is,will a 160 Keihin jet be the same size as a 160 D/J and 160 Mikuni jet and flow the same amount of fuel as each other?I know the fittings and thread are different but not sure about the flow.Cheers

mikuni and dynojet are so close you can interchange them.

keihin is not.

I see.Regarding the keihin jet,my 950 sm runs a pair of Keihin CVRD 43 carbs.The main jet is the screw in type with the slot in the top,not the hex type,the spare mikuni main jets i have will fit nicely but are these keihin jets also not interchangable?I didnt know keihin did the 2 types of main jet,i have a mikuni jet that will fit but i dont want to fit it if its going to flow a different amount of fuel.Thanks for your help.

keihin jets are rated by the actual hole size. a 160 main is 1.60mm.

mikuni and dynojet are rated by flow.

bottom line,just get some keihin jets.

Thats good enough for me.:thumbsup:

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