Who has AS Tech 10 boots at lowest price?

Looking to replace my cheap boots with a pair of Tech10s... best price I can find online from the US is around 470USD.

Is this a good price as I was told some places are going as low as 300USD ?

A dealer can't advertise Alpinestar products at more than 10% off retail, but they can sell them at whateve they'd like. So, when you look online, the vast majority of vendors are going to be about the same for this reason.

I suppose someone could sell them at 300, but that's definately not something we see much except for maybe a last year's boot or something alone those lines.

We're $413.95 and we ship USPS to Australia. So, it's 1-2 day for processing and 3-5 delivery days, excluding any delays in customs. Really, shipping down under has been pretty fast.


$413 (with free shipping in the US) is the cheapest I have seen them. :thumbsup:

I got mine off of ebay. Some dude wore them twice, still looked brand new minus the dirt he didnt clean off of them. I got them for a little over or a little less than $300.00, I dont remember the exact price

Will check with trusty TT



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