Shop Repair Problems

Hey...a few weeks ago I went with my friends to a track and close to the end of the day my bike broke so I pushed the bike across the track(1/4 mile) back to the truck and a few days later me and my dad took it to the local shop. I told the guy what happened and how its got a bad noise by the we went outside and he started it up and he new right off the bat it was the crank rod and crank they give us a price for the whole job and parts and comes out to about $500 since I needed a new crank and top end(due to melted plastic filler from the crank) and some other about a week and a half later we get a call telling us to come pick it up and so we go up get it and take it home...It needed broken in so I started it to let it warm up then let it cool down...after I did that 3 times(recommended by mechanic who did the job) I started it up, let it warm up and clicked it into first to putt down the road and it all went good for about a quarter mile and then I noticed that the gear(foot) lever is acting up and wont let me shift into neutral, sticks up when I would shift up, would stick when I'd shift down and a bunch of other crap:thumbsdn: so I put it into first and took it into the garage and now I'm going to take it back to the shop to get looked at. I was wondering if any of you have had problems when taking a bike to a shop to get worked on or if you ever had a problem dealing with a shop like taking your bike back to get looked at after they did work to it? I just hope they don't charge me for a mistake that they made...:ride:

Also...if you ever had a bad deal or problem with a shop tell me your story's.



Sounds like a similar prob I'm having except it was done by a friend. He went thru the gears on the bench & something was not right. We are thinking he assembled something incorrectly concerning the shift drum or cam...something in that area. If it worked fine prior & obviously you did not mess with it in that short of a time, the shop has to warrant it. Do you have an issue with them now or just worried about bringing it up to them? Just give them a call, you're the customer.

I blew a crank bearing on my 01 RM 250. I took it to a shop for a bottom end rebuild because I thought it was too hard. 2 weeks and a few hundred bucks later, I get it home, start the bike, it runs so lean I can't turn it off. Destroyed the new piston, cylinder, etc. I take it to a new shop. It sits for 2 weeks before they tell me the engine is full of rust and it will cost 5K to fix it. I get it home and rebuilt it myself. Had to rebuild the entire motor from top to bottom. Plated cylinder, piston, crank rebuild, cleaned exhaust valve, etc. I blew the motor in Jan and I just got the final parts to fix what they screwed up this week. I was putting the engine together last night. I will never take my bike to a shop again. I'm not a mechanic but over the last six months I've learned that motorcycle repair isn't very hard. I had to buy about 500 bucks in special tools but now I can do it myself.

To top that, in the past 2 months I picked up a 05RMZ450 4 stroke and instead of having the shop screw that one up, I rebuilt the entire bike myself with the exception of valves (I did sent that one out).

I have a bad experience shop story but I'm not going to repeat it since the memories are still painfully fresh. I will say this, after that fiasco I learned that I need to do all the work on my bikes myself. I found the service manuals online, bought myself a stand and some tools and I've been doing my own wrenching since.

When I see posts like these I can't help but give just a small piece of advice. If you are taking the bike back to the same shop, try not to be a total dickhead to the mechanic who did the work. I have been on the receiving end (mechanic's side) of situations like yours and I'll say that I am FAR more willing to listen and stand by my work when people approach me with a sense of professionalism.

Sometimes mistakes happen and if the shop is decent, they'll stand by the work and make things right. They had to split the cases. Something may not have gone back together right.

With that being said: Do yourself a favor and pick up a shop manual for your bike. Nothing is more satisfying than fixing / maintaing your own bike. It's a great learning expeirence too.

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