Fork Seal Direction...

I always get confused by this. I have posted before and received answers, but am still confused a bit and have a couple questions...

1. In general, should all fork seals for my '06 CRF450R be the same? And what I mean by "be the same" is...should they all generally look the same?

2. Assume I order a fork seal replacement set for my bike. The set arrives with no written instructions and there's nothing on the seal to help a noob understand which side of the seal goes toward the wheel and which side of the seal goes toward the oil. Is there a foolproof way, that would apply to just about any manufacturers seal (just by looking at the seal) to determine which side goes which direction?



Oil seals have dimples or small imprints on one side. That side faces away from the oil or towards the axle lug.

Yes, no matter what brand seal you use, there will be a side of the seal that has a recess (cavity) that allows the oil to exert pressure on the sealing surface. Imagine oil pressure building behind the seal and forcing it to seal against the chrome part of the fork. This is the side that you want to face toward the outer tube. Or away from the wheel on USD forks.

yep, cavity toward the oil.

Thanks guys. I don't know why I'm such a turd on this!? I brought one of my seals to work with me today so I could (hopefully) visualize any replies.

I "think" I have it now (at least until next time. :thumbsup: )

Thanks again!

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