oil type for xt350

Any one know what type and how much oil to put into a 1995 xt350? Thanks in advance.

I think 1.4 quarts with a new filter and 1.3 for just an oil change. But I always opened the bolt that drains the oil filter when I did mine so it was always a little less than 1.5 quarts. Yamaha says to use 20w40. And considering how little oil it holds and that it is a roasting hot wet sump engine, mine got nothing but motorcycle specific synthetic.

I was under the impression that synthetic was the way to go; till I read Powroll's take on it.

Google their website

They have done extensive ongoing tests and get better wear characteristics with top quality mineral. Unfortunately for me the oil they really rate is US specific

Normally I would agree. I don't typically run synthetic in anything. But conventional oil turned burnt black in my XT after just one hard ride. Synthetic did not. I don't know how or what was tested, but my 17 years of XT350 testing said conventional couldn't take the heat of the that wet sump clutch. Neither could my boot sometimes.

i usually run amsoil 20w50 synthetic thumper oil in my xt. when i tore it down everything in the top end looked really good with no wear at all. i only tore it down because i cooked the rings and wanted more power. there are pics of the dissasembly in the yamaha dual sport forumn. it was pretty clean and i change the oil 2wice a season.

Have a look at this forum. Theres a really good post about oil a little down in the discussion. After reading this, i will never use mineral oil in my bike anymore, unless the motor has just been rebuilt. See what you guys think about it.


I wouldn't regard that as the definative statement. I'd rather go with Powroll's empirical research.

It's in their interest to find what oil causes them the least grief.

They've found that aircooled motors wear less with the best mineral oil [i stress the best]

They don't like the fact that synthetics carry more particulates in suspension [the reason you shouldn't switch from mineral to synthetic mid motor], which is a factor to keep in mind if you have primative filter technology

They do say that that synthetics will last much better than minerals, So if you don't intend to change your oil frequently, don't use mineral oil.

Lastly as for oil changes, for singles at least in London the mantra was every 1000 miles. For a while I was a despatch rider in 'the smoke'. Shortly after I left a lot of people started using jap singles. They were durable only if the oil was changed with religeous fervour. The reason was thought to be that apart from large lumps of metal flying round inside with aircooled tolerances they also shared the oil with the gearbox, which sheared the 10/40 down to 5/20 in no time.

As for Silkolene, well locally someone rebuilt their entire XR400 motor due to it's smoking. It smoked just as much afterwards, until they, on advice, used something other than that brand, at which point there was no more smoke....

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