Liability Insurance

looking for liability insurance for my step son and myself on our bikes.I can not seem to find any for our motocross without having a bike licence.

I have all these trails in Ontario too ride but need Ins.

Can anyone help.

I think you mean you actually need health insurance that still covers you when racing.

I have policies with State Farm in the US but I don't know about anything north of the boarder.

Not sure who to recommend, but if you want liability (ie. to cover you if your bike runs into someone else and they get hurt) you could look into "umbrella" coverage. That basically covers you for liability from almost any source, but make sure there aren't exclusions for things like MX.

I know Geico does a lot with motorcycles.

I had similar problems getting coverage for my jet-skis. I forget who I'm using, but it was the company that my regular insurance company (USAA) refered me to. Check with your auto or homeowner's inurance people and they may have a company that they send people to for things like that.

I did get liablilty for my skis (don't have for my dirtbike, but probably should...), but if you can't find it, try the umbrella thing.

Try Nationwide Ins.,they Are Affiliated With The "ama"

In Canada - State farm - around 100/bike for the year.

And where are "All these trails" you speak of???


trails up in haliburton area,but they want you to have ins. and I believe it is a club to belong to.

I also ride some trails(tresspassing) along the hidro lines going from waterloo to stratford.At least if they catch me they can not charge me for not having ins.

In Canada - State farm - around 100/bike for the year.

And where are "All these trails" you speak of???

There are two sites you can check out.

I know the ones you speak of - Ganaraska forest - yes - need plates too (Offroad) - which we all have, I'm not bothering with insurance this year because we're too busy to even try and get up that way. Northumberland's another, but no day pass req'd, and from what I hear, not regularly patrolled, so likelyhood of getting burned for no insurance is relatively low.

We also do a lot of "questionable" trails, but they're on Reserve land, so the cops don't have much say.

Simcoe county forests are pretty good too.

Riding on private property without permission = bad. Please don't give the opposition more ammo to use against us. :thumbsup:

State Farm $209 a year. I haven't got it yet though

it is not really private property,it is along the hydro wires and atvs can seem to use it.

I do know what you mean though,it is tough enough trying to find a place to ride.

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