Barnett clutch only good for 30 hours?

Ive never had to replace a dirt digger clutch but Ive got one in an 05 that has went bad in 30 hours!! I watch my cable and dont slip it alot. What is your favorite clutch?

Talking plate sets only, OEM, GYT-R, or Hinson.

Ya plate sets. I know Hinson components kick butt but I cant justify the cost.

GYT-R are the same thing re-labeled. OEM has always worked well for me.

Gray....If you were going to get steels and fibers. Would you go ahead and get the GYTR or just stay OEM? It looks like the GYTR is only about 20 bucks more. ???? I'm in need of one in my '06. I buy from my dealer just over cost. And curious if its worth it?

I don't know that it would be worth the difference to me, since I have no trouble at all with the OEM plates, but if you think the OEM stuff is less than adequate, then go with GYT-R.

Guys you all that keep having plate issues - need GYTR or Hinson. Some of us are light clutch users others are heavy users. Hinson and GYTR will hold up to much more punishment than oem, plates and components and this is why they cost more.

I'm kinda hard on them. Mine lasted 2 seasons. So I don't think I'm too tuff on them. But then again...I blew my knee out in the middle of that and didn't ride for 8 months.... They usually last about a year with me. So its up in the air if the GYTR would last much longer or be worth the added cost????

If you're that tough on them, try the GYT-R plates. If the kit comes with the boss spring and plate (a narrow bellville, or dished, spring and steel seating shim) I recommend not using it in an '06 unless the clutch exhibits undesirably abrupt engagement or excessively short lever travel to release. If it includes the release arm that it used to, that only applies to earlier models.

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