Tools for fork inner chamber oil change (06 125)

Well in your first post that is the same tool I have, the msr tool. Your 2nd post is basically the same tool as the msr tool except its just an adapter tool with out the slot. The slot is nice for holding part of the forks while you work on them. You will also need a 49mm wrench which im not sure if the one you posted is 49 mm or not? As far as a seal driver you do not need one unless you are replacing the seals. If they are not leaking I would not tear them apart. A 17mm socket should just be a standard tool you have to work on your bike, nothing special.

Thanks for your response.

What about the 3rd tool I posted?

That's the most important tool isn't it?

If you want the best tools available, try this thread.

PM Lowedog and see what he has. His prices are good, but his tools are superb. They are made of aluminum (well made) and are soft enough that they wont scratch up the fork caps. I bought from him on ebay before I realized he was TT member.

That cheap 4 in one tool on ebay will get you by, but it sucks.

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