Searched - '08 250 XC & XC-W Top Speed

I'm a few weeks away from pulling the trigger, a potential buyer is coming to look at/ride my '07 YZ250 today.:ride: Need to know the top speed of the '08 250XC & XC-W. One of the local dealers is telling me that in enduros, you can make up quite a bit of time on road sections w/the higher XC-W gearing as versus the XC. True?:thumbsup:

Yes, that is true. Not sure what the actually numeric difference is, but the W is geared taller...

Anybody have numbers?:thumbsup:

Anybody have numbers?:thumbsup:

I'm not 100% here as I ran them thru a little too quick but here's what I came up with, if you can hit 9000 rpm with each it looks like XCW = @ 84 mph while the XC = @ 76 mph. The information I found was both bikes have the same primary reduction of 72/26 or 2.769.

XCW secondary reduction 50/13 5th gear 23/29 = .793

XC secondary reduction 50/14 5th gear 21/22 = .954

Maybe someone with an owners manual could verify these reductions/ratio's for us?

SkiDaddy based on my 99' EXC (wide ratio) these numbers seem kinda high as it would only do @ 70 mph, not sure I was running the stock gearing on that bike though. Still that 84 mph seems a little optamistic to me, I'll double check these figures when I have more time!

Anybody have numbers?:thumbsup:

Here is the gear chart I made to compare the 08 250 SX/XC/XC-W. You can really see how close the SX and XC are and also how much wider the ratio spread is on the XC-W. Hope this helps....


I'm not sure how a '07 300 XC would differ from a '08 250 XC, but last weekend I held my throttle WFO in fifth gear on flat ground to see my top speed. I held it there until it wouldn't go any faster. I have an ICO Pro Comp computer that is accurate. Top speed was 77 mph with stock gearing.

'08 300XC - I've seen 76, 77 a bunch of times and hit 78 the other day (there ain't no more). Using a Trail Tech computer. Is it accurate? Who knows? I'm guessing fairly close. I think this would be about the same for the 250.

Fast enough. Nice work MX Engineer.:thumbsup:

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