I'm Digging Fulmer's Retro Gold-Flake Helmets

Any one else? Or just me? :thumbsup:


Actually, it's the RED metal-flake helmets I want. Back in the late 70s / early 80s, between my brothers, my parents and I, we had 6 different metal flake helmets in the house - a silver, a blue and 4 reds. I wore a red metal-flake open face helmet for my first 5 or 6 years of riding!

Too bad they don't have 5 snaps for accepting an ordinary flat shield. Just 3 for the little bubble visors.




I have to agree on this one...


That's what my first hand-me-down helmet looked like when I started riding in 1991. the visor was broken so I purchased this plain red one from Dennis Kirk. I looked pretty good on my 1985 XR80R at the time I thought! :thumbsup:

Thanks, for posting the link!


That's what I gotta wear when plonkin' around on my restored '77 Hodaka 250SL, whenever I get it finished.

That, and Disco Rules!


aaah, come on....American Flag....Easy Rider Rules!! :thumbsup:

I thought I was bad, wanting to put a new liner in my old yellow Bell Moto3

Arthur Fulmer makes a good helmet and have been for a loooooong time.

I had my first one back in 1974.

Nice to see retro choices out there on the market.

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