Lookin at getting a pitbike, suggestions?

Well ive been really lookin at gettin a pitbike, for now my playbikes a minibike, and me and my buddy have been building a sickkkkk track in the back woods, ruts are gettin nice, ive got a roller, a big tripple, 2 "S" turns, a rythem section, and some other stuff, were still in the making it, im gonna build a step on step off and some other stuff, get some lights out there and we can run like a supercross part of the track at night, so anyways, im kinda tight on cash, and im lookin at getting a pitbike, nothin amazing, i want to spend like no more then 4-500 bucks, any ideas?

for that kind of dough you're gonna get what you pay for and it won't be good.

My suggestion is to wait until your piggy bank fills up a bit more and your options for finding a more reliable, durable and easier to fix bike with parts readily available, it will save you $ in the long run.

You MIGHT find a used honda 50 stock for somewhere in the 800 range, but you sure wont be hitting any step ups with that bike without some serious mods.

well i gotta pay for stuff for my big bike so i dont wana dump a ton on a pitbike, just suttin to goof around with ya know?

For that kind of money you will have a limited amount of goof off time and more waiting for repair and upgrade time. Spend a few more bucks upfront and you will not need to later.

$500?? You can't be serious. How in the world can you expect to buy a bike that is dirt worthy for that amount. Hell, it costs that much in fuel to get it to you.

im not talkin brand new, im talkin about findin a used one around here

Go grab a cycle trader magizine at your local gas station or check ebay regularly,sometimes you can find a gem kinda cheap.

Craigs list is another place to check out,you may find one in your area & could get it same day.:thumbsup:

If you're lookin for something kinda small but still decent http://www.wholesale-cycle.com/moen70pitbi.html just get this & a set of stiffer fork springs for $30/$40 & you would be set.Mine will do about 45 mph with my big butt on it,with the stiffer springs you could jump no prob & if you're under 200lbs you could get it a little faster I'm sure.

I've got one,granted it has different graphics but this is a Piranha 70,I bought it when I found out that all his on-hand 70's are actually 90's cuz his manufacturer shipped them by accident.:bonk:

It rips just fine & is kinda cheap,you can upgrade slowly like I'm doing with this steal of a swingarm off ebay for $35.:ride:


thats a really sick little bike for 600 bucks, cant beat it, my birthdays in a week, i usually get about 200 or so, and i make about 60 bucks a week, and right now i have about 150 saved up, so not too much further to go. thanks for the input, i noticed on ebay theres a ton of upgrade parts for really cheap

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