08 TE 610 Owner's Manual

Picked up my new 08 TE 610 yesterday. So last night I sat down and tried to read through the Owners Manual. It's printed in Italian, English, French, Deutschland and Spanish. Did I say English, what I ment to say was somthing like English. There is in fact, english words, but they are written in some sort of code. Then to make matters worst, there are pictures showing what the code is trying to tell you. The pictures are so small you can't see what they are trying to display.

I new buying the Husky was going to be an adventure, but I thought it was going to be while I was riding it. It's good that I have been riding for many years so I can figure out most of what needs to be done on the bike.

As far as the owners manual, I am sure I will come across a table some where who's legs are uneven!

32spokes :thumbsup:

I totally agree. I just bought an 08 610 SM about a month ago and when I went to do the first oil change after breakin, I took a look at the owners manual and pretty much realized that I was on my own. Definitely not like the last three honda's I've owned. But the fun facter of the bike outways the problems you come across anyway you look at it. Hope you enjoy the new toy.

With the 610, you won't need the manual much. I worked out how to change the oil, the air filter and adjust the suspension..

What else are you going to do to the bike?

After the run in:

1. Oil change every 5000kms. (or 2500 if you're anal)

2. Airfilter. (only if you're riding in the dust)

3. Suspension - once it's set, just leave it.

You want to refer to a manual - buy a 1970's motocrosser & do it up.

We're well into the release of the 08's and no shop manuals yet. Not sure what they are thinking, but at least they put them up in .pdf when available.

The OM does suck. They refer to a lot of photos that are not numbered, have missing settings, etc., and my aged eyes need a gem scope to read the electrical drawing. :thumbsup:

Download the '06 shop manual. It will cover most of your '08 items except the FI. Do a search here, supermoto junkies, or ADV Rider for the link. If I recall correctly, it was on a site called savefile.


Here a link to Hoder's thread discussing this shop manual. The "savefile" link in at bottom of page 1.


Thanks I've got that one already. It just bugs me we can't get the current one and that the Husky dealers don't even have it available yet on their dealer access login. This stuff is usually ready with the model release, so ya gotta wonder what the heck is going on.

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