S Engine - whats this cable for?

Hi guys - I'm in the process of swapping my dead E engine for an S.

Can anyone tell me what this cable is coming out of the S - I can't find any reference to it in the manual and my E doesn't have it. Could it be something to do with the sidestand kill switch?


Here is the connector at the end:


I don't have time to check but it is likely the neutral light switch/indicator. The S is the only one that had it.

Not the side stand kill switch for sure.

The wire going into the white epoxy is for the neutral light. An E does not have this. You cannot put it on an E engine without swapping the shifter drum, but a S engine in a E you can simply leave it be or swap the blanking cover from the E engine to the S one. Be sure to remove the contact pins and springs if you do.

Excellent - thanks for the swift reply.

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