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rear brake problem

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alright, i just replace the rear brake pad this afternoon.

when i ride out to my destination, along the way, i'm feeling the bike sluggish, true enough, i found out the rear disc is somewhat "seize" by the pad..

after settling my stuff, which is about an hour later, the wheel still doesn't spin freely, however, i just ride it back

when i reached my new destination, rear wheel is still as "seize", caliper and disc is also damn hot

so, i remove the entire caliper, pad, and pump out both piston (but not removing it out entirely), suspecting could be some dirt that is causing te caliper not "floating"

so, i clean up the caliper and both piston really well, even the 2 "slider" which suppose to allow the caliper to "float" the rust was remove and grease up.

so it was tested and seem to be working (floating)

assemble and do a test ride in carpark, no issue, rear wheel spins freely.

this evening, i rode out again. purposely use more rear brake than usual

and i reach my place, without any problem (tested wheel spins ok)

when it is time to go home, i purposely use more rear brake again, this time, along the way, it starts to feel alittle sluggish again, shitzz..

when i reach home, tried spinning the wheel, it somewhat "sieze" again

what could be the problem??

i flush the flush about 2-3mth ago (from a opened bottle)

do ya think i should flush and replace the fluid again?

could it be the brake fluid property breaks down after twice it was been boiled over?


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Did you use after market brake pads? They seem to run thicker than OEM pads for some reason. I would flush the fluid again though if you have boiled it twice. I prefer Motul. It seems to stand up to the heat better.

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i would take the master apart and check to see there isnt something hanging the pistons from moving back in after going out.

was it a challenge to get the new pads in? pushing the calipers pistons in?

might be the source of the problem


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