are they the same bikes

can any one tell me if australian wrs are the same as us wrs in spec jetting and so on....

They arent

Hm... in what way are they different? By the way, how about Australia's WR and Singapore's WR??

The manual that comes with the US bike (english language) lists the US, CA, EUR, AUS/NZ, and ZA (South Africa?) specs. Singapore specs, they no in there.


US is left hand drive, What exactly do you need to know??

My '99 WR4 manual says that the needle & clip position is different between the US & European/OZ models. By the way, I'm going to trial a DXL needle at the standard clip position in my WR4 (lid off and WB E-series) because the standard (DXM) needle was pus and ran too lean all the time. Has anyone tried this? :):D:D

Then how can we determine what our bike's specs.?

Explain....US is Left hand Drive....

Bonzai :)

:D Does that mean US bikes have the throttle and clutch reversed?????

Could explain a LOT !.................... :):D

I heard the US bikes come with Air-con too! ;-))

Seriously though, the exhausts on the US models are more restrictive so the jetting has got to be different.

Plus the US have the long throttle stop, we get short as standard.

Plus our grey wire comes disconnected as standard - the other side of the connector has no wire in it!

Comments are for 98 model, but I bet other years are similar.

the exhausts are more restrictive???? man you guys must get realy sucky bikes when their stock. The std exhaust is pitifull and painful to ride with

From what i know, mine is an australian model WR and if you compare it with the US model....i think theirs comes with a removable baffle while mine doesnt.

The snorkel is the square section rubber tube that fits into the top of the airbox. On my 98 it is fastened in place with 4 3mm ish screws. It stops water getting into the airbox from big splashes and also quietens the intake.

I was gona cut the trotle stop. but when i removed the filter from the carb. i discoverd that the trottle would open up all the way!!!

it seems like the wr426 model in norway is the same as in canada?? or australia???

what is the snorkel (airfilter)you are talking about does mine have it or only the us version? :)

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