Yamaha XT350 front brake upgrades?


Does anybody have any experience or knowledge or ideas about upgrading the front brake on a XT350? I ride 100% on the road and the front brake is not the best. I was thinking of using a 320mm rotor, from dirt bike / supermoto upgrade kit. The XT350 has an odd disc bolt pattern, there seem to be 3 pairs of bolts closer together rather than evenly spaced. Best I can tell a Honda CRF450 front oversize rotor might fit (similar bolt pattern), but I do not know anybody who has this bike so that I can compare the bolt spacing and the bolt pattern diameter. Spacing the caliper will be another issue.

Open to ideas.

On a second note anybody know about upgrading the caliper? 2-piston maybe?


Bike is a 1989 Yamaha XT350

You are in a tough spot trying to retro an older bike.I also had an xt350 but parts were hard to find so I bought a drz. The route I took to upgrade was to buy a street bike disc and machine it to fit ver the hub center and then drilled it to match the bolt pattern. Most if not all super bike rotors that I looked at were 4mm thick as are the dirt bikes but be prepared for the price! A 2000 gsxr front rotor is $230.00 or more. Good luck with your project and keep us posted on TT!

Ahhhhh, an XT350. I bought one in 1986 and hammered it in the woods for years till there was nothing left. Tough as nails, though quite a relic now. I'll have to agree with last guy, it'll be hard getting any custom parts for it without lots of fabricating. Probably getting tough to find just o.e.m. parts. I suggest getting rid of the whole front wheel, then get a DRZ400 front wheel, and bolt a DRZ400 to that. I did, and couldnt be happier. The XT is dead, Long live the DRZ.

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