Tires tires tires. . .

Tires tires tires. . .

Ok I know this has been covered. . .BUT guys (gals)

I need some new rubber and I am not sure what the best way to go is?

I do an even 50/50 on road off road ride style.

I ride in NYC and I ride some bumpy back woods & trails hard too.

I am looking at the Pirelli Scorpion Pro’s but I would love to hear what tires you have and what you love/hate about them?

Thanks all and PEACE! –N.

+1 on the dunlop D606. They are my favorites. I little cheaper alternative is Pirelli MT21, and an even cheaper alternative are Kenda K270's. The Kenda's don't get the highest marks but still a decent option for the price.

My riding is about 80% offroad but these seem to stick pretty well on pavement to.

Loved the D606 but for 50/50 riding you will chew it up really fast. The Kenda K270 rear would be a good option for 50/50 but the front sucks.

Okay so what would you recommend for a front tire . . .rear tire . . .. I do not need a matching set at all . . ..

I like kenda 270 also and the front has scared me a couple of times.

I have the Pirelli MT21's right now. Great trail tire. The front sucks in muck and sand though.

I just got done riding some muddy/wet dirt trails with those death I'm sitting here looking at my new D606's waiting for the rain to stop so I can put them on. There is nothing worse then hitting a muddy trail at an angle and having your front tire go one way and the rear thing I know I'm pointing the way I just came, but still going in the same direction:crazy: At least my Fox offroad boots have better tread than the death tires:applause:

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