water pump problem?

I was wondering if the water pump impeller should turn freely. It turns but not very easy. I was looking into coolant in the oil and i think it is from the water pump. Sorry if this was answered elsewhere, Thanks

Assuming the water pump drive gear is disengaged (water pump removed from the engine), there is some initial "sticktion" from the seal. After that, it turns freely. Not free spin, but turns easily. The only resistence is 2 seals: oil seal (lip seal) and water seal (mechanical face seal)

thank you very much

the waterpump has a space between it and the engine case so even if the seal leaked it would not go into the oil. I would check head gasket and clylinder gasket.

Should I be able to see if the gasket is bad without taking it apart?

No, Any gasket checks require disassembly. There are several places water and oil can mix. Water pump maybe but as pointed out there is a drain between the water seal and oil seal. Yea, head gasket, cylinder base gasket, and the primary case cover gasket are prime locations. Are you sure about water in the oil? Is there a problem with the water pump? Do you have it out of the motor? I assume you must if you are turning it.

yes i took it out and am going to do all the preventitive maintenence on it while its apart. There was greyish stuff where the dipstick is and on my way home i was noticing some powerloss. So my best bet is to check the head and base gasket i guess, Thanks for the help

There are two small ball bearings contained in the pump assembly, that support the pump shaft, I changed mine when doing the "water pump fix" as they felt a bit rough. Also be warned that the water pump has a weep hole that may be plugged with dirt, so coolant that gets past the seal may not ever drip out, you would just see coolant in the oil in a milky state. I drained the oil from the case and left the right side drain plug out (the lowest one, I think), then pressure tested the cooling system with the bike leaned to the right. Coolant dripped out of the drain plug hole in less than a minute, so I pulled the pump and right engine cover off, repaired the pump and put it all back together with a new gasket.

No problems since...

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