ut, planning ride.. az to slc

I'm planning a ride this summer; probably mid june.. to head up to odgen & visit my daughter. I could come up through page & go up the smokey mountain trail, which i've ridden before, or go further east & go up through moab (the long route). Or i could come up through kanab & go up through central utah. I'll probably be solo, but a buddy might come. I'm on a drz & can handle some gnarly stuff, but would prefer regularly traveled dirt roads, since i might be solo. I've mapped out several routes i could take, but i'm not sure of the condition of the roads, or if they're fun & scenic.

Since i'm thinking of taking 4-5 days up, i'll probably camp along the way (doesn't have to be a camp ground). I'll bring a tarp & sleeping bag, & probably eat out. I won't be loaded down too much. I don't mind some pavement if it's a particularly scenic road, but would rather stay on the dirt. I can do some freeway stretches, but would rather not. I also have a big tank, with about 200 mile range.

Anyway, if anyone has any tips or recommendations of trails or roads from s. utah to slc, let me know.. not much ground to cover there! Just some good segments here or there you can recommend.

I've also ridden the burr trail.. a great road! I did a loop up to escalante last fall. The smoky mtn trail was about as rough a road as i want to do solo.

tia for the advice!


I would personally do the run through Page, AZ again... between Page, AZ and Kanab, UT on SR 89 there are some dirt roads(trails) that head up north towards Kodachrome State Park by Cannonville, UT.

From Cannonville, UT stay on SR 12 towards Escalante, UT and ride the old Hell's Backbone Road (Pine Creek Rd.) to Boulder. From Boulder, UT you could again ride the Burr Trail and head to Hanksville.

Between Cainville and Hanksville on SR 24 you could Option to ride North on the backroads towards Factory Butte and take that dirt road into Goblin Valley or... go to Hanksville and Head North on SR24 then turn off at Goblin Valley State Park and ride Temple Mtn. This is near the Brass Trail system

Road north to I-70, head a bit east on I-70 and then exit I-70 riding Buckhorn Draw Rd into the N. San Rafael Swell toward the San Rafael Campground. This is by the Eva Conover trail system (I dont know the exact name for this trail system)

You could ride some great washes over to Ferron, UT or just ride from the San Rafael Campground heading northwest towards Castledale, UT. Then North to Huntington, UT ride SR 31 over to Fairview. Lots of riding options here in the Arapeen ATV trail system.

From Fairview, UT go North to Hwy 6... head towards Spanish Fork, UT.. but turn off at Diamond Fork Canyon and ride the dirt roads all the way over to Daniel's Summit by Heber City, UT This is part of the Hobble Creek trail system

Head North From Heber City towards I-80.. but you could add in a very scenic loop on SR 32 through Kamas, UT. It jumps back on I-80 North and take the I-84 exit towards Ogden.

I think this route would give you the most scenery for your money. Feel free to PM me if you want any more details about any of these areas.

thanks for the advice, commando.

I might be coming up with some friends who want to ride moab, then i'll come on up to ogden from there. I'll look over your suggestions.. i know of some of those roads.. they are good rides.. My daughter & her bf are also giving me 'must see' places to ride.

When i get my route & dates more fixed, i'll post them & maybe get some riders to join me for some of the legs.

Thanks again for the response.

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