Trouble Starting and running at Idle FCR-MX

I'm having trouble starting my 00 DRZ-S, and once it get running it want to die if left at idle.


FCR-MX (from TT)


Yosh Full Exhaust

Clarke 3.9 Tank

Its been running fine for ages, I ride every day ~30 miles. I stripped it down a month ago to clean/lube it and give it some TLC. While it was apart the carb sat around for a day or two. I'm wondering if in that time it's likely that the pilot jet may have become clogged?

I've tried the fuel screw and now it starts a bit easier, but I still have some issues at idle, not all the time, just once in a while.

It also seems to pop alot more on decel than it did before.

The only other thing I did was change the length of the vacuum hose for the petcock so I could use it in the "ON" position as opposed to "PRIME". It was longer before and would always get kinked. I doubt this has anything to do with it as I've seen it completely die while I was riding when the vacuum line was an issue. I dont see that now, runs fine while on the gas, just lots of pop on decel and a tendency to die at idle.



Drain the carb, put fresh fuel in and give it a test. I doubt the carb gummed up from sitting for only a few days, though your cleaning exercise may of cause a speck of debris to get in the pilot. Slip it out and inspect, blow out with compressed air.

Its a good place to start looking. No point guessing when its easy enough to remove and clean.

From experience I would just double check over what you have taken apart, cleaned etc and make sure everything is as it should be. Sounds like you may have an air leak.

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