Question about 187 cam

Firstly where is the best place to get one quickly and secondly... is this the closest I am going to get to a two stroke style power band,i.e really easy to ride very low but power is focussed toward the top ? (i.e like a 2004 crf250r cam). I just want it to be really mellow down low for technical single trail but really get going once i get up in the revs.


You can get one from Ron Hamp. RHC on here.

Andrew the 187 cam and the 208 were both my desighns using web cams lobes the 208 produces more of a hit and added peak power the 187 produces a smoother curve thats powerfull bu prdictable .The very first 208 was used in Brian Smiths miler and the first 2 187 cams 1 went to Our eddy siseniro and the other went in 1 of my dirt track bikes .

do you have the 187 in stock ron ?

seems to be a bit hard to get ahold of one of these, might try the hotcam stage 3 instead

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