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GPS Etrex Power and Mounting

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If anyone is interested in a simple GPS solution that will hold up in the woods look no further.

I purchased the most basic Garmin etrex unit for about $60 USD refurbished (Cabelas bargain cave). Then I bought a standard Garmin handlebar mount for about $15USD. After wrecking my first Garmin etrex legend ($200 +) by mounting it in the handlebar, I decided to look for another solution. As you know the instrument panel on a 2003 DRZ 400s can be a bit crowded, especially when you add Dual-Star mirrors and hand guards. I found that if I could trim a bit of the crossbar pad foam, I could get the mounting bracket to fit snug.

Check out the images below:



With GPS and power cable removed


Showing trimmed foam no pad cover


How it looks on the bike

The power mod was pretty simple.

The voltage to the GPS unit needs to be 3.3V. So instead of breaking out my old electronics books and creating a DC voltage converter, I simply removed the original Cigarette lighter style housing from a standard Garmin cigarette power cable, pulled out the small PC board and remounted it in a small plastic (sealed enclosure).

As far as durability, it has held up to every spill in the woods and stayed on. I think having it mounted to the crossbar pad gives it just enough play so that I wont trash the unit.

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