California City permit.

Are the riding permits/stickers in Cal City being enforced yet? Headed out for the weekend and didn't get mine back yet. I've also heard they go into effect some time in June 08. Does anyone know for sure? :thumbsup:

I went out to Cal this past weekend. The police were stopping cars on 20 mule team road before it turns into a 1lane road. They had the road coned off with 2 lanes. One lane was for people who needed the pass and the other was for through traffic. After I bought the pass I asked the officer if I had to buy it now or if I could wait until June, and he said the pass is not being enforced until June, but they were pressing people to buy it now. Man are these stickers ugly, big silver stickers that are a little bigger then the green stickers.


If you're plated, you don't need a permit! :bonk:

Looks like it will be a nice weekend out there. Unfortunately, we're beach camping this weekend.:ride: Can't seem to get this weather figured out. We went riding LAST weekend in 100 degree heat. Now I'm going to freeze my :thumbsup: off at the beach!

Here's some info on the permits...

They may be ugly (Cal City decal) but believe me you are doing a lot of good towards the future of our sport. Cal City and all of us really thank you. Soon we'll be announcing very exciting news for off-roaders and enthusiasts.

Thanks again.

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