250cc 4-stroke trail bikes (used)?

My buddy is hooked after taking my beaten 1988 XR250R for a spin. He's now looking to buy a bike like mine since he enjoyed it so much. He's about 5'11", 225#, looking to spend about $1500. He's currently a novice rider (used to ride when he was a younger) but I am sure his skill level will quickly improve as he gets more seat time. Reliability/durability is most important, then size (will fit his build) and price is important too. It seems most of the major manufacturers had a decent 250 thumper trail bike during the 80s-90s. An XR250 is an obivous choice, but also maybe a Yamaha TT/TTR250 or something from Suzi or Kawi? Maybe something bigger (400cc)? Thanks in advance. :thumbsup:

XR400..? maybe, should be able to get a mid 90's one for about 1500, also a KLX 300, they're alright, DR/DR-Z 250's are also alright, and of course the old trusty XR 250.

I think it would be kind of hard to find a 250f within that price range. You can find a lot of 125 two strokes for that price though.

he doesn't want a modern hi-po 250F like the CRF, KXF, YZF ect, he wants something like an XR, DR or TX, old, reliable trail bike, eaislity find a good one for 1500.

Yamaha TTR 225 or 230. Yes, they're sorta small but great learner bikes with enough chug to pull my 250 lb. butt up steep trails.:thumbsup:

You can get them cheap and they're TANK reliable. The sell for less than the Honda trail bikes but are every bit as good. Even better would be the TTR250 but that's out of the price range. The TTR 225/230 is a FUN bike. I had an XT225 dual sport so that's how I know.

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