Wisconsin Turn Signal Requirements??

Not sure if this is the right place to post this question but here goes..

I keep busting my blinkers off, and have seen pictures of guys with small trailer marker type lights stuck right on their fenders, but I was wondering if there was any requirements as far as distance apart,, etc for motorcycle blinkers in Wisconsin. Any info/websites is appreciated.


You don't need turnsignals to be legal. One mirror, headlight, tailight, and speedo.

pretty sure you need blinkers in WI. Thanks for the sites.

Wisconsin does require signals. I would assume you can use any that are DOT approved. If you stay with stalk signals you could use some Whites Brothers Signal Savers ~$8/pair (if you can still find them). They are made of stiff black rubber but are flexible when you push on them. Most who use them never break a signal... unless they rip a fender off. Or there are a few signals with a flexible stalk. All DOT approved signals are going to be fairly big and bulky

Try these links for more info:

Online DMV Publications and Forms - All States

OHV Regulations - All States

State Motorcycle Laws - All States



Headlight, right side mirror, and a tail light.... That's all you need in Wisconsin, you don't even need a brake light. I ride a 2005 CRF450X that I got plated via michigan now a wisconsin title..I have stock headlight and an aftermarket tail light that has a brake light in it... I also have a street legal CT70 with no turns.. I use hand signals cause dopes in cars can't see a tiny blinker anyways even on my 900RR... :thumbsup:

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