New tires

Happy birthday to me! With my money I went out and grabbed some pirelli's. I've heard promising things about them. I usually run michelin's but thought I'd switch it up. Next thing on the list is an exhaust then some suspension work and graphics. For a 250 she runs pretty good. I'm happy with it, but could still use some more top end. haha coming from my 200sx ofcourse I would say that. Cernic's hooked me up with a pretty decent deal on them. $100 installed. Probably because I buy waaaaay too much out there






bike looks good. i'm running a rear pirelli mt32 and its awesome and in the front i have a dunlop 756 they work great:ride:

I've never ran the pirelli's. Not a big fan of the dunlops. The stock 739's are OK at best. Good on hard pack, but don't hook up in anything else. 756's are great... for the first 2 hours lol, then they're shot. I've always had good luck with michelin's. I did like my millvilles on the 125's, but they just didn't hold on the bigger bikes. Bridgestones aren't bad, but they're never in stock, so I never run them.

Those are the tires i use on my bikes and haven't had a complaint yet, and from what i have found they hold up very, very well.:thumbsup:

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