Blown motor

So I bought a used 02 WR250F. It was in really good shape and still had the original tires. I had been riding it often and it was running great. One day while I was riding, I shifted into third pinned it and before it was at the top of the rev it spluttered and then the rear tire locked up. I took it to the local dealership to be repaired 1 month ago and today they finally took it apart and gave me an estimate of the damage. It seems like they are replacing pretty much every part in the engine. I don't have an itemized parts list yet but the total for parts is like $1200. I was asking why some of the parts need to be replaced and was told they were out of spec. The Crank, cylinder, and timing chain being the main ones. They did say a valve had contacted the piston but hadn't broken. I have some mechanical backround and it just seems a little fishy to me. If anyone knows more about this it would help alot. Thanks

If you hit a valve with the piston it could very well bend the rod, twist the crank etc. That's a pretty expensive problem. Doesn't sound totally out of whack. Don't know how mechanically inclined you are, but you may be able to do most/all of the work.

If you have to replace the cams, put in an '03 or later exhaust cam so you get the auto decompression, at least you'll have one good thing come out of it.....

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