Bleeding front brake???

Just mounted up the front SM caliper and hooked up brake line and went to bleed the line on my TE610. I have been at it about an hour and no success in getting air or whatever out of the line. I must have filled the master cylinder 15 times already and still nothing at the brake lever. I am pulling fluid through but nothing. I have tried manual and even a Mytivac-but still nothing at the lever. I checked the lines and everything is OK. What the hell am I doing wrong????

My best results have been by getting a big horse needel fill it up

Then put it on the bottom bleeder and push the fluid up from the bottom to the top .You will see the air bubbles at the top,It has worked for me for years .Better then a mini vac pulling from the bottom

there are about a million threads on bleeding brembos on ktmtalk so you could try searching there.

Here is how I got all the air out. Calipers pushed all the way open. Remove nipple on caliper and wrap in that white tape made to seal plumbing pipe threads (this is so the mighty vac will work right). Take a big syringe and back bleed, pull the fluid in and out getting as much air as possible. Next comes the mighty vac. Then a couple normal bleeds. After that they were solid.

Some people have to pull the entire brake system off so they can eliminate any air in the line.

Put the bike on the sidestand last night and went to bed. Woke up this morning and grabbed the front lever and it was firm. Overnight it went from soft to hard - which usually works the other way for me -bled it in about 5 minutes and had a hard, firm lever. I guess by sitting on the side stand it either forced the air bubbles to the top or pushed fluid down the line. Either way all I did was get a good nights sleep and it was fixed. I guess I will try this approach everytime I am stuck on a mechanical problem.

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