my 2005 Raptor 660r was stolen in the evening hours

May 22, 2008

the lock was busted and the quad taken

it has holeshot front tires

douglas rims

and turner bars

it has" MotoXsupport"stickers on the rear fenders

if anyone has any info please call bill

*reward* for arrest and conviction

848 333 9198



P.s Word of advice

dont let anyone know you have quads or dirtbikes

dont give out your address

and when selling meet someone somewhere dont sell from the home



That sucks bro....sorry to hear about that.

What the hell man? How'd that happen?

I lost my phone in Atlantic City last weekend, still waiting on the replacement.

keep an eye out for quadtards! we all know us bikers wouldnt steal a bike with training wheels.

Just kidding man, that really sucks. Raptors look super fun.

Thats the worst. Hope you find who did it and get some kind of payback.

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