help with plugs

i have a 2002 Honda CR125, every time i ride it i can start it fine but everytime i ride it i have to put a new spark plug in it ...why am i fouling so many plugs?!?!?!?! its gettin expensive:banghead:

I just bought a left over 2006 cr 125 and I'm having the same problem. At first the dealer tried leaner jets and nothing seemed to work.

Well after weeks and weeks of failure a district managers was sent into check out my bike and the problem now to find out is that there is some seal in the transmission thats leaking oil causing the plugs to foul. This has been a problem with the cr's over the past several years from what I'm told.

Believe me I feel your frustration, I bought this bike 6 weeks ago and I have not rode it yet. Now I'm waiting on parts. I'm not saying you have the same problem but it's something to check out.

Good luck

try using a diffrent brand of spark plug i use champion and have not fouled one in like 3 months..

Jetting Jetting Jetting.

Jetting Jetting Jetting.

+1, ive fouled one plug in 6 months and use the NGK br9eg(oem). is it oily or dry. correct me if im wrong but dry is lean and oily is rich.

If you main seal is leaking you have to replace that seal I rather have the trany side seal go out that the stator side thats for sure.

I've had my bike(04 Cr125) since march of 06. thats over 2 years, I've never changed the plug and never fouled one.

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