Raw gas smell after riding

Hi, I did the jd re-jet and 3x3, along with the charcoal can removal. The bike runs great, but when I get done riding it smells like raw gas. Does anybody else's bike with similar mods do the same? or have I done something wrong?

This is going to sound funny but it happened to my twice on my KFX400....The main jet comes loose and falls out. Still ran ok, but really smelled like gas all the time.

My brothers main jet fell out on his XR... I towed him 20 miles home would not run at all.

What year/model DRZ

2006 400s

I notice a slight gas smell after every ride....and mine is completely stock. It might have to do with you removing the charcoal filter :thumbsup:

I had a similar experience. Turns out I didn't tighten the boot clamps well enough. I had a slow drip for a week or so, along with the gas smell. I tightened the clamps, and the problem was solved :thumbsup:

Thanks, Rob H, I will go check that too right now!

I went for a ride yesterday and noticed the gas smell again...but it is only for a very short time and then it goes away. I'm thinking this is just normal for non CA emissioned bikes....:thumbsup:

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