HSC adjustments help

Well Factory Connection helped me out with adjusting the stock suspension settings of my 2006 CRF250R to my weight. I set up all the clickers right except have a question with the high speed compression red nut. They told me to go 3 turns out on the knob. Problem is, im not sure how many 1 clicks is. Is it one whole turn of the nut from where the punched dot is 3 times or does 1 turn of the entire nut equal more than 1 turn? Do you understand what I mean, its kinda hard to explain.:thumbsup:


3 turns out mean turn it clockwise all the way in, then turn it 3 turns (3 times 360°)out, that's it :thumbsup:

thanks man

3 turns seems pretty much to me

well my springs are stock and I weight around 155-160 with gear.

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