Explorer from AD Boivin for WR

Have anyone tried the new explorer from AD Boivin on your WR?


I was wondering if the WR have enough power for it to still be fun?

They recommend to gear down and what does it to the topspeed.

It would be fun to hear about it from someone that have tested it.

2Moto also have a bolt on track.


Anyone tried this one.

Here they ride it on water too.


If power is enough I'm leaning more towards the AD Boivin because of the ability to move track forward and back depending on snowtype.

It's also easier to bolt on because it uses the bikes own damping and svingarm.

One more plus for the explorer is that it does'nt need snow to lube the sliders because it has a wheelconstruction instead of slides.

So this can actually be used in wetlands, sand and other demanding enviroments where it's otherwise big problems.

I'm looking at this too for my 400. I like the design of the 2moto kit but the AD Boivin kit is cheaper. The only thing I wonder about is the reliability of driving the track from the lugs. I wouldn't use it on dirt, just snow but I wonder how long it will last before wearing out. I'll have to keep my eye on this thread!

They look like you would have to keep the bike pinned wide open all of the time. It looks super cool, but if i were going to get either setup, i would want to mount it on a Big cc bike. Can they get out of second gear when in the pow?

I just bought an explorer kit because of all those good points mentioned. Here's what you don't know... Any accessories such as the gas can holder, the dolly wheels for the front ski, start at over $600 each. Then comes the side-hilling kit. So, by the time you're done making it cool, you almost could have went 2moto. The other factor is quality. My ski mounting plates folded on the first bumpy section of trail on my very first test ride. I was going pretty easy because I had only been on this thing for minutes. I would no longer trust it to take me far enough out to warrant carrying a gas can. The bigger thing is that AD B**vin won't stand behind it. When I inquired, they said that they've just come up with an upgrade to the kit for 09 to fix that problem, but won't warranty my 08 model. That half hour first ride is going to cost more than a sled rental. When you check some of the other forums, you will see the other common problems with the explorer is destruction to either your forks, and or the front brake caliper mounts. If you are going to do snowbiking properly, you need a powerful bike, and spend the money to get a 2moto kit and save yourself from my fate.

Looks like you read some of my threads on snowest about breaking two sets of my forks because the front end failed. No help from AD Boivin for the damage. I'd stay away from the explorer kit. I sold mine.

Good call. It sure is fun though until it sends you into financial ruin hey? I'm thinking a snowhawk 800 looks like more the way to go. I haven't heard about many issues. If you're still stuck on the snowbike idea, get 2moto. At least that heafty price tag is usually the end of the costs after that.

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