POSSIBLE Vortex Ignition Deal...Need serious replies ONLY Fella's!

I am looking at POSSIBLY inking a deal w/ MT Racing on their Vortex Ignitions.

Talking w/ Mike, he said he could cut us a deal BUT he really needs to have an idea on the numbers.

Unlike the Kouba T-Handles, I will opt NOT to be the shipper [after receiving a bulk shipment]. This may/may not affect the price per unit.

I DO need a show of hands who would be interested. The retail $$ is ~ $400.00.

I understand this is almost a vicious circle of "I'll take one if is $300.00 but not $350.00" etc, and "I'll sell you them at $300.00 if you order 200 of them" etc.

I need a show of hands who MAY be interested, inform Mike, and we'll go from there.

Please reply ONLY to:


I WILL refresh this to keep it going.




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as you know some people have struggled to get their bikes running right on the jetting front. the thing is, is there a benefit with this ignition?

i read a couple that said it was "huge" and one that said no different. also yam keep upgrading the ignitions don't they? the 1,000 revs would suit a few masochists.

i'd love to know whether these rich bikes found that the ignition curve burnt the extra fuel and made them quicker THAT way.

anyway i've heard good things but surely SFO can give the definitive guide?

SFO where are you?


If it worked I would buy one.

Unless he has modified the standard curves from when I tested it 6months ago it actually makesx less power than the stock wr ignition.

The traction mode doesn't change anything until 8k.

Here are my results.


Can't Argue with that kind of Data.... I can't see spending that kind of money on something that is not as good as what I currently have.... Thanks SFO, I'm buying the Scotts combo instead.

Kevin...I'm definately with you on the stuff that works...for sure.

Bonzai :)

How about a Hebo clutch deal. My bonus check should be here in a couple of weeks and I'm ready for one.


The Hebo...is that the hydraullic unit??

I am looking to turn both ends of my bike to Factory Connection's owner's Brother (Tom Street) whom I work w/...

Hey, I need to grease the linkage/steering brg's anyway... :)

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