Flying (Traveling) with your Bike?

I want to take My 450 with me on a plane from US to Mexico, how can I take it with me, Is it possible? Has anyone done that... or another country .....

You shouldn't have any problem doing this. I used to ship mining equipment all over the world by air.

1. Drain all the fluids out of the bike.

2. Make a crate. I'd remove the wheels to reduce height.

3. Get paperwork from a freight forwarder with instructions as to what documents you need.

4. Drop the bike off at the freight forwarder or have it picked up.

Good luck.

I read an article about I think it was FMF buying a new bike overseas and taking it appart and packing it into several large suitcases to get it back overseas. It was one of those cases were the bike was overseas b4 it was here and they wanted to get a jump on devolopment.

I dont think the airlines would aprove of that shipping method. :)

I am sure with the increased security at airports these days, if they start x-raying your luggage and finding all sorts of metal and mechanical items, you may be asked a few questions... you are better off to crate it up, do the paperwork, and pay the man...

Used to be able to knock down my mountain bike into an over the shoulder bag and carry it on... but a motorbike, well, good luck...

How long are you going for?... can't you just ride it?... or drive?... air freight will be a lot... or if it is just for a weeks riding, look into hiring a bike there...


Well, I live down here in Mexico close to Puerto Vallarta, I would not drive a YZ 450 for 1500 mi. And the big reason for me to fly it is price, if you guys know how much we pay for the bikes here in Mexico you´ll be doing as Me, a 2002 YZ 426 is $9,500 USD, so far we don´t have the YZ450´03 but the Yamaha dealer is telling me they will be around $10,500 usd.

Yikes... They are about that her, in Australian Dollars - AU$11,000 and we all know the Aussie dollar is worth about as much as the Italian Lira... LOL

I can see why airfreight is the inexpensive option... For that money, I would be hiring a big old car and putting it in the back seat and driving it home... take a spare in the trunk and sell it to cover the cost of your trip...

Good luck,


What taxes do you have to pay to import the bike?

I am just wondering how much you'll save by the time you buy a round trip ticket, crating expenses, about $1000 air freight charges and import duties.

I shipped a 4 wheeler to Aruba last summer, and was surprised how little it actually cost to ship. I live in WI and sent the bike air freight to Miami(from Milwaukee) by Forward Air, It was then shipped from Miami to Aruba. All together it cost a total of approximately 450 dollars US. The only snag was getting through customs in Aruba. They wanted their Tarriff and Tax money, I know that cost a bit, and I helped the guy out with a favorable receipt :) That would be your biggest catch is getting it thru customs on your end. Hope this helps!!

Dave VanBrocklin

No taxes, since My wife is American, (Temporary import Up to 6 years) But I must bring it with me eiter in the plane or in my truck, but I do that every couple of years and I getting tired of driving 1200 mi just for the bike.. I guess I´ll have to doit again........

That's cool. I'm sure you will save a bunch of cash then.

The worst experience I had was with Brazil. The airline accidentally sent our equipment there instead of Argentina and because we wouldn't pay to bribe the customs officers, the unit sat there for a year. We were reimbursed by the shipper since it was their fault but what a hassle.

Good luck and I don't think you should have any problems sending it by air.

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