Indiana Supermoto

Hey guys, I was wondering if there is anywhere in Indy or close by to race supermoto? I race woods and a little motocross but i think sm would be sweet! Also, what all needs to be done to make it supermoto ready? I have an 08 crf250r. Thanks

try Putnam raceway, just west of Indy.

try Putnam raceway, just west of Indy.

on a crf250r ? :thumbsup:

a 250 would still be fun. I was out there on my crf450 passing guys left and right. The only place you'll get smoked is on the front straight(the only straight on the track), but you'll catch up to whomever passes you within the first few turns after that.

We are having a practice night June 9th out at New Castle 4pm to 8pm. You should come check it out. I'll have my 250 there. Some of us will be racing the Land of Lincoln race the day before and then heading up to Elkart for the Superbikers2 race on the 14th.

I will probably be at G&J Wednesday shaking down a fresh rebuild on my 450. You can run there just about all the time. There is a good group at Circleville just south of Columbus, OH. Check out too.

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