I;m wondering if raising the forks isas nessesary on the o7 as it is for the 06?

I read MXA's review of the 06 yz450 and they said that raising the forks to the first line made a great improvement with the bikes turn in. Does it to the same for the 07, or did yamaha allready change the head angle?

The head angle is the same '06-'08. Pulling the forks up helps the '07 too.

Yes they need raised , the first line is 5mm ,I put mine on 10mm and it could still need some more.

Does the same go for the 08?

I run my 08 the same as I ran my 06 up to the first line on the forks.. Seems to turn great. watch your sag also, many people miss that. when you get too much sag she starts pushing in the front.

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