02' 426 difficult to start after top end job

Hi guys

I'm the original owner of m 02 426. I just tore the bike down to the frame and rebuilt the top end (engine is my concern for this thread). We've inspected the valves and they are within tolerance, and the bike gets plenty of compression. The carburator is clean, and we're getting a good spark from the plug.

The problem is, I have to make the following sequence to get the bike to fire up cold:

2 twists of throttle

open hot start

kick 2-3 times. When engine fires, immediately ramp RPM's to maintain idle

run for 30 seconds.

close hot start.

open choke. Now the bike idles normally with the choke open

When I close the choke, its like I've turned the gas off. The bike immeidately dies.

Its somewhat strange since we did not need to make any adjustments to valves, or carburation after the bike was reabuilt since it ran OK before.

Any advice is appriciated.

It sounds as if the carb is not clean. If it sat all the time you worked on the rest of the bike, it's possible that the pilot jet became "lacquered" shut with dried fuel residue.

Do you have to twist the throttle to keep the bike running?

Thanks for the info. I took the pilot jet out and blasted it with compressed air, and hit it with carb cleaner. I also pulled and cleaned the main jet, needle jet, starter jet, and pilot screw. No dice. Still wont start unless I follow the proceedure above.

WHen I have the choke pushed in I have to keep the throttle at about 1/4 turn to keep it running.

I might pull that pilot jet out of there one more time to see if i can see daylight through it. Maybe I missed some built up crud? Any other suggestions?

thanks guys

Your problem still sounds as if the pilot circuit is not delivering fuel. Verify that the air passage running from the face of the carb to the pilot is clear, and that the passage running up from the jet into the air stream is open also.

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