Springs with no Re-valving

I just got off the RaceTech site, and figured out what spring rates they prescribe (front and rear) for my weight and riding style. Just so happens that there was a set for sale over on the "Parts" page (Thanks Paul!) so I snatched them up. My question is:

What is the ramifications if I simply respring my bike without getting new valves put in? Am I upgrading my suspension or not? If I have to re-valve I will (Considering BBR, as they have a shop in Kent, Wa, which is about 120 miles away) but if I can save the cash I would like to. Any insight will be appreciated.


Revalving is somewhat independent of spring stiffness. That is, you may be able to have valving that has *better* resistance to bottoming and plusher initial stroke, but if your are too heavy, you'll blow the the stroke anyway.

The short answer is to go ahead and put the springs in. Many people are completely happy with the stock valving and springs appropriate for their weight. You can also play with the oil height and weight to improve the feel over stock.

Before I had mine revalved, I ended up at 115 mm height with Enzo 01 oil. Now I have stiffer springs, a revalve, and oil height still at 115 mm.

It's interesting how many people I talk to every day that have never had or care to have the correct spring weights in there bikes...

Definately, put the correct springs in. You cant truely evaluate the suspension until you have the correct springs in anyway. :)


I can somewhat understand people not messing with thier springs/valves (Isn't the suspension one of the biggest reasons we all bought our blue bikes? And now people are telling me that I need to spend another $600.00 to get the suspension "tuned"? (But now, after having ridden a bike that has had the suspension re-done, I now understand the importance of this move :) ) but what really surprises me is the number of people that I know who NEVER EVEN FIDDLE/ADJUST thier valve clickers. That one blows me away! One guy that I ride with, who is pretty good, has never clicked once on his bike.

While on the RaceTech website, I applied for their rider support program, and they offered me a 20% discount on all parts and work, so I will be sending them all of my stuff, and I'll let them sort it out.

Looks like you have a nice ride, Mr Toyz. We should ride here in the near future. Going to have to twist my arm fairly hard to get me to ride Reiter Pit again!



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