Ride on rim 19 or 18 for trials???

Since WR´s are still far for me to get one, I thinking on getting the YZ450 need to be back on trails, but I notice the 19 on the YZ, and 18 on WR, I have always use 18, is there a big difference on riding feeling....

the WR's and YZ's are different bikes, and more because of everything else more than the size the the rear wheel. The YZ's suspension has different & stiffer springs in it, close ratio tranny, 4 speed on the 450, no flywheel weights or stator, no light system, different timing and carb settings, different exhaust system, same head pipe - different mufflers, no spark arrestor, smaller gas tank, and the 03 YZ 450 doesn't have the magic button which stock on the WR.

For trail riding, the 18" rear wheel on the WR is also more comfortable too. You end up with more tire and side wall which flexs a little more and helps soak up the sharp hits better. Also, the 19" will have to be run at higher air pressures in order to prevent pinch-flatting the rear tube.

If you wanting a trail bike, wait for the WR. If you ride mostly on tracks, with occasional trail work, than the YZ might be better for ya.


I was in the same boat...wanting the YZ and WR. I went with the YZ a few weeks ago because I want the lighter weight. I rode some trails last wknd on the 19" rear wheel and honestly, I couldn't tell much of a difference from the 18". HOWEVER, the lack of flywheel weight is a hassle when getting started on a steep, loose, gravel hill. I am ordering the Terrycable 8, 10, 12 oz. flywheel kit very soon. Am considering adding 2 teeth on rear as well. Magic button would be nice i guess, but the YZ starts soooo easy (even in gear)....I was changing the oil and went to just bump the motor over to get all the oil out, using my hand on the kickstarter, and the thing fired up! :)

IOW, I have very little intention on getting an 18" wheel, only unless I can come acrosss one used.

I have a 99 YZ that I run a 19 on. I ride only woods. Some of the places I ride here in MO are nothing but sharp edged rocks. I run moose heavy duty tubes and run 14-15 psi in the back tire. I haven't had any pinch flats since I went with that tube.

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