Thanks for all your help!!!!!!! 01 wr426

You guys are awesome. I went out on a limb and bought a 2001 wr426 off ebay last week. The bike was advertised as not running, you may have seen it listed. After researching this site thoroughly I went for it! Your technical knowledge about these bikes is amazing. I picked up the bike yesterday, completely went through the carb, installed new plug and went for a ride!!!! Awesome torque and power throughout the band. I can't seem to get the smile off my face. Again I thank you all.:thumbsup::ride:

I saw it, looked like a good deal. I pick up one this spring with a Baja Designes street legal kit on it. Same issue, it hadn't been plated in three year and the owner said it had been sitting in the barn. I checked compression, gave it a good look over and drained a little gas out of the carb, which looked liked coffee. Cleaned the carb and the plug and it runs great. Put a yz 450 cam in it from an '03-06. The autodecompressor makes it kick like a two stroke and gives it a bit more power. good luck

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