Chadwick Mo 5/18...

Hey rock riders, gonna be at the Cobb Ridge pavillion on Saturday, we have a great group scheduled and will be having a big BBQ(steaks/burgers) for lunch. If anyone wants to make the trek, this place is well worth it..looks like we have some folks from IL, KY, and the east side of the state can check DRN "PLaces to Ride" forum for more details also..Later, Jason

Still planning on the trip down Jason?

I mean with all this beautiful weather we are having and everything. :)


To Darin's point, it has rained solid now for many hours here in Sparta (about 10 minutes from Chadwick) and it's still going. The banks of the Finley River are once again flowing over into the Ozark City Park. Saturday is supposed to clear up, if so, Sunday might not be too bad. I went Tuesday afternoon (also in the rain) and the ledge rock was really slippery. Be careful if you go and have a safe trip.

Heck yeah, a little water never hurt anyone..hehe

We have some folks coming in today from Kentucky, they are gonna be back at the Cobb Ridge pavillion. The group from KC will be arriving by 9ish, and meeting up at the pavillion area. Look for a white and red Ford F250 4drs..the White on has Heartland Pool/Spa logo's on it, enclosed trailer in tow. My 426 has a clear Clarke tank and #212. Should be 12 or more of us from KC, a few from St.Louis, and about 3-4 from Kentucky. Look forward to being down there...slippery rocks/puddles and all...

Jason, I didnt make it down this weekend. How was Chadwick?

Was the creeks running high?

Darin my boy, EPIC RIDING! The water was running down some of the trails and you didn't know if you were riding on the trail or in the creeks. Beautiful, clear 6in deep water flowing across the rocks w/us splashing through in 2nd/3rd gear. We were soaked by the first mile in and loving every minute of it! We had some great loops on 104/122/127/129 and we were taken to an old trail/hill named the "Widowmaker", short sidehill trail a left turn through some foilage and bam, your front tire was pointed vertical..cripes it was gnarly, we had such a tight group riding, the first attempt ended w/5-7 of us on laying on the hill..carnarge everywhere..the hills were alive w/ was funny stuff. We got back down and hit it in 3rd near WFO and crested it..great time, great riding and awesome weather..the water just made it that much more fun. BTW, there may be a few of us coming back down this Sunday..with it being the holidat and all, we should be able to swing it...Check DRN ride reports under "b-day bash ride"..good stuff!

I know the hill you speak of O-Wise-One.

Gnarly? I think so.

I didnt have the ku-yans to try it and Im not sure I ever will. But I do love to watch others loop it out. :)

Let me know if you plan on going next Sunday and I will try to clear my schedule.

P.s. I heard there is more rain in the forecast for next weekend!

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MOmilkman, Jason and I(kchusky) will be going back down to Chadwick next Sunday 5/26. Should be there between 9:00 & 10:00a.m. Jason is talking about spending some time at the widow maker hill. I have to see this hill, Jason says its the sh%t. :):D:D:D:D:D

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