Is a 2005 YZ450 shop manuel online available??

I looked in the archives for a 2005 YZ450 shop manual with no success. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Did you look in the Common Threads Sticky (the one that says, "Look Here First") ? There are two links near the bottom of the list under Miscellaneous., its the same as the one if you go to the place listed in the above post. but its just in english and cost ya 6.95 and its in pdf format. the one listed above is free but even if you click on the english option it still givs the german and french so each thing is listed 3 times in each.

If the inclusion of foreign language pages bother you $7 worth, I guess that's your prerogative. It certainly doesn't affect me that way.

Got it. Didn't mind the extra language.

Those are owner's manuals, not shop manuals.

Which are all most people need to completely service their bikes. The Yamaha "Owner's Service Manual" is far more comprehensive than most other makes. That, and it's probably what he meant, anyway.

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