Does anyone use their hot start lever?

I live in a relatively cool climate but I was just trying to remember the last time I used my hot start lever. I think I used it a little when I first got my bike cuz I thought I had to but I never use it anymore. I've been researching the endless combinations of handlebars and top clamps to clean up the cluttered system I have now and getting rid of the hot start lever crossed my mind. Is this a dumb thing to do?

i was thinking the same thing too last year,, and then i took it out i was crossing a river (nothing crazy 6" to 9" of h20) when the bike some how suck up some h20 and i could not get it to start but when i pulled that hot start,, that thing fired up and havent had a prob yet,,

I never used mine and a couple of years ago it seized so I pulled it off. Apparently they need to be lubricated. If I get into some deep water and stall I pull the choke and she fires right up. Very rare.

Don't get rid of that button. However, living in cooler climates you'll probably never use it. As long as I used FCRs on our Yams, I never used the hot start button.

i've only used it once on my 99... its a button on there. i pulled it after a wreck during a race... ended up being stuck on for the next hour! bike ran

I virtually never use my electric-start and use the hot-start lever every time I kick start it (after warm up.)

I reckon it's irreplaceable.

I love it.


Well I couldn't live without it. Doesn't matter if the climate is cool in the tight nasty woods. Love the e-start / hot start combo for on the fly stalls in the woods :thumbsup:

before I put he pipe on and the cam in, I never had to use it. The faster I make my bike, the more it becomes a necessity

I use my hot start all the time along with the E button.

I too use mine with the estart, either the choke when it's cold or hotstart lever when it's hot, every time, if i don't she's a b&^%h to start and just sputters and backfires at me, i have the yz cam and that made a difference for me, but i know im jetted a bit on the rich side too, before that mod i hardly ever used it.

Use mine all the time with E-start otherwise I get nasty backfires. Mine is the problem child 03. Jet kit is soon to be installed.

Out here in the hot California desert, I couldn't live without it.

....... bahhh :thumbsup:

i think the name "hot start button" indicates a purpose other that for what it is intended.

the purpose is to lean out an overrich condition that exists in the engine. the over rich condition can be brought about by a spill, improper idle circuit adjustment for the altitude, or a cough, spit, die condition.

if none of these conditions exist, it would seem not to be needed.

i prefer to think of them as an "ant-choke".

In cooler weather I forget its there.

This time of the year its very valuable. Esp going through tighter technical terrain. I'm thinking if I leaned out the pilot I could get away with not using it. The bike is running kinda fat right now.

i used mine 2 or 3 times today, i wouldnt get rid of it, you never know when u might need it

Yes i use it all the time.

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