Idle sometimes does not drop......

Cast is off, and I am back on the bike. I took the cast off a little over a week early (Don't tell my Doctor!) so I am not risking off-road.

I am riding my bike to work, and my grilfriend and I had some nice rides last weekend.

Here is the issue: About every 10th time I come to a stop, the idle does not drop all the way down. Don't have a tack, but it sounds like it is about 300-400 rpm's high. I'll give it a exactly half of a blip, and it will drop. I was thinking that my air/fuel screw might be on the lean side, but I keep backing it out 1/4 turns, and it does not seem to be going away.




You could have an air leak, or maybe even a dirty or obstructed idle circuit.

A good way to check for a small air leak is to spray ether, carefully, at suspect areas. If the rpms pick up instantly you have located the leak.

If that ain't it and you end up more than 2.5 turns out on idle mix you may just need a larger pilot jet.

Hope this helps.

I friend of mine with a 99 wr400 had simialr symptoms. Unfortunately it was a cracked caarb slide. In the end a paart broke off and got sucked into the motor and the repair bill is very large Just happened this last weekend.


Hey Willy,

I just went through that fiasco about 2 months ago. So, I am pretty sure that is not the issue.

Unless those plates have a very, very, very short life span.


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