time for a new clutch

my stock clutch has two seasons now of east cost enduro abuse. what cluthes do you all recomend. this will be my first clutch change because i have not had a bike longer than a year. i ride a 2001 xr 650r. any info will be appreciated encluding part # i also am interested in the auto clutch idea because of racing tight woods. thanks in advance.. :)

Sometime in late 2001 Honda updated the XR650R clutch bushing with some more holes for lubrication and they also chamfered the edge of the bushing. If you haven't already installed the new style bushing, then you may want to also change this out. This part is very inexpensive. The Honda part number for the new updated bushing is 22116-MBN-671.

Gadsan is getting a group purchase together for a discounted rate on an auto clutch. Look under his post and see if your time schedules will coincide.

Good Luck

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